Picturing Pre-History

Science has pretty well established that we are all part Neanderthal as well as part African, which I’m sure is highly disturbing to some people. There’s nothing in this article that is very new or surprising. What’s interesting and kinda funny is the picture accompanying the article. It shows a blonde, modern European woman and a dark, brutish pre-human male nose to nose looking adoringly into each other’s eyes. Mouseover the image and read the annotations, especially #’s 3 and 5.

History has never been as pretty as we would like it to be.

3 thoughts on “Picturing Pre-History

  1. Lynn

    I’ve often thought so. But what if we have that wrong. What if the Neanderthals weren’t what we think they were and we actually got our sensitive, artistic side from them? 😉

  2. fillyjonk

    I think I remember reading that there was evidence that Neanderthals buried their dead, and arranged them in the fetal position, and also put stuff there presumably for “in the afterlife” – so they probably weren’t the brutish cavemen that the movies depict.

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