Impulse and Misgivings

The good news is, there’s a new quilt shop in the Nearby Small Town. And the bad news is… there’s a new quilt shop in the Nearby Small Town. I was there a couple of weeks ago “just looking around” and I saw this cute fabric:

Barns and Tractors Fabric

I didn’t consider buying it at the time because barns and tractors really aren’t my thing. I mean, just because I live out in the sticks doesn’t mean I go around wearing farm stuff all the time. So I left it in the store with all the other lovely fabric. But then I had an Idea! And yay verily she was mighty, this idea was! So, even though I thought her quite silly, resistance was futile. I went back to buy the fabric and they also had bandana fabric in exactly the right shade of red so I took this as a sign that this Idea was meant to be. (I had been worried that all the red bandana fabric would be too dark and thought I would use a solid red if necessary.)

I used my A-line pattern that I’ve used several times before. It’s not the most stylish thing but it’s easy to sew and very comfortable and best of all when I look in the mirror wearing one of them I can almost imagine that there’s a thin person in there. This time I left off the collar and put the red trim around the neckline instead and put strips of the bandana fabric on extra large patch pockets.

But now, I wish I had let this idea simmer for a while longer instead of rushing into it. I keep thinking, “Surely there’s something better I could have done with these fabrics. To me this looks a little too much like, “Why would anyone put pockets on a nightgown?” And about those pockets – I’m sure one is still higher than the other. The first time I sewed them on one was definitely higher and they were too close together in front so I took them off and repositioned them. They measure perfectly the same now but they still look a little off to me.

This photo (like the one of the blouse) is a little too blue. The background of the fabric is more seafoam than sky.*

Barns and Tractors Dress

So I don’t know… I suppose it would be an acceptable “house-dress” but I keep trying to think of some way to “fix” it. I’m not coming up with anything though. Or maybe it’s not as bad as I think? Maybe I should just embrace weirdness? After all, other people wear their pajamas to Walmart all the time.

* UPDATE: The background color seems to change depending on the light. It does look more blue outside and not just to the camera.

5 thoughts on “Impulse and Misgivings

  1. Judy Roberson

    I have fell in love with this fabric.. This is the most adorable fabric, I would love to have a shirt dress made from it!!! and the bandana fabric is just perfect with it. I don’t think , it is too much at all.. Just perfect..
    I also love the pattern, what is it?
    Happy sewing.

  2. Hippie

    About the pockets – I used to wonder why every single motorcycle, bicycle, and other two wheeled conveyance seemed to lean to the right when I was riding it. I could see one 20 year old Ex500 with a slightly crooked frame, but not a 750 vulcan, 250 Husqvarna, KLR650, Honda XL250, along with every bicycle I’ve ever ridden… It turns out, one of my arms is just slightly longer than the other.

    Nobody’s perfect.

  3. Lynn Post author

    I traced parts of two different patterns to make this pattern. I like the neckline and shoulders of Simplicity 4632 but it’s too narrow in the hips for me so I used Simplicity 5010 for the rest of it because I already knew it would fit. I might have extended the shoulders a bit too. I can’t remember.

    The Fabric is “My Little Farm” by Connecting Threads. I didn’t find this fabric on their website though so it might be discontinued.

  4. Hippie

    It is a small difference – just barely enough to notice. And I only really notice when riding a bicycle/motorcycle.

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