Random Linkage

Tanning and Burning – Interesting fact I didn’t know in the last paragraph: ” wearing sunglasses may make you more susceptible to sunburn”

Kathleen Norris – A possibly interesting author I hadn’t heard of

GPS Shoes – Hmmmm… seems a pair of hiking boots would be more useful.

It’s Nice That – an art and design site

ArtOdyssey – a beautiful art blog. Some images NSFW.

Periodic Table of Social Issues – It’s rather discouraging that there are enough social issues to fill a periodic table.

Abandoned Railroad Bridge Trestles

The Theatre of Gunpowder – Nice 16th century illustrations

The surprising history of lettuce – Seriously?

Inside golf balls – I had no idea they were so colorful.

Just a cute cat pic

Science Fiction Tumblr – some great images

27 Animal Facts That Will Brighten Your Day – I already knew some of these and there are some that are sort of “huh? what?” and the last one is just plain cheating but it’s still a nice list with some nice photos.

Unfair Judgements – True!

Armor Leggings – Fortunately I saw the price tag and no longer wanted them.

One thought on “Random Linkage

  1. fillyjonk

    Huh. That golf balls one puts the lie to the old childhood urban legend that they were full of radioactive stuff.

    (my brother and I took a golf ball apart when I was a kid. I guess it was a cheap one because it was just full of some stuff like rubber bands, and then had a tiny, fluid-filled ball at the core.)

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