I Will Wear Purple…

There’s an interesting “by the way” in one of Erin’s Hundred Dresses posts.

I’m not a fan of purple, not really sure why. I understand it’s a color that grows on you when you’re older; I saw some research somewhere about how your eyes perceive different wavelengths or perceive the same wavelengths differently or something (could I be more vague? no, I could not) and it somehow explained the tendency of older women to wear more orangey lipsticks. Which I thought was probably complete and utter BS, but that factoid has stayed with me and here we are, no better off than we were before, but prepared for the possibility, however remote, of someday feeling more kindly towards purple.

Of course that sent me googling but I wasn’t able to come up with anything except for several articles saying elderly people lose some of their ability to see colors. I’m not sure I believe that or maybe I just don’t want to believe it but I have never noticed anything to suggest that in the older people I have known.

I did come across a couple of interesting color related things though. This one about Ancient Greek Color Vision seems bizarre.

And… Don’t take this test if you are confident in your ability to distinguish different colors. I didn’t do really bad but not nearly as good as I expected. I might try it again later.

My “favorite colors” change from time to time but overall I don’t really have a “favorite” color. I used to think blue was boring but I like it much better now. I like purple but it’s never been one of my top favorites. I’m attracted to pink, yellow, orange, and red. But I also like brown.

8 thoughts on “I Will Wear Purple…

  1. fillyjonk

    I like purple. I don’t know if I’ve “always” liked it, or if I only really liked it as an adult. I think when I was a kid I was more into pastels.

    My favorites are green (especially sage green), a goldish yellow, purple, and to a lesser extent, pink and turquoise.

    I also have a refrigerator magnet that says, “When I am old, I may wear purple…..but NEVER with a red hat!”

  2. Lynn

    I might have someday worn purple with a red hat but it became too popular so I don’t want to anymore.

  3. Nicole

    That is one of my favorite poems. I have a lot of purple in my closet but also a lot of black… interesting about the wavelengths as we age. Never knew that.

  4. Lynn

    In the poem “purple with a red hat” represents feeling free to be yourself even if it means being a little bit “out there,” or at least that’s the way I take it, but people have turned it into a uniform and to me that seems completely opposite of the poem’s meaning.

  5. Hippie

    I may be so gradual a change that you don’t notice it. And it would be hard to compare it to what you saw as your younger self.

  6. Cari Homemaker

    I don’t know about the color purple, but when my sister was getting her graphic arts degree, they had a class about how people see red differently. They had a grouping of 16 different reds and asked which one people saw as “true” red. Some thought true red was more orange, others more of a cherry color, but I don’t remember age being a factor. Since purple does have a red component, I could see the same thing happening. It definitely explains why Sephora.com wants to put orange-y reds out there as “true” red, when I am expecting (and wanting) the cherry color as my version of true red.

  7. Lynn Post author

    I have been looking for a true red long sleeved dressy t-shirt but nobody has one. If they have red at all it’s some trendy off-red.

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