Better Than Blue

It can be a little embarrassing to admit that you like Elvis Presley. There’s a good chance that someone will assume that you are one of those people. And some of his best songs are neglected in favor of the more catchy, and in some cases annoying, songs. Take, for example, Blue Christmas. (Please!) I absolutely hate, loathe, and despise that song. Maybe if they didn’t play it so much around Christmas. It is not really a Christmas song. It’s a broken-hearted love song that just happens to mention Christmas. (not to mention that the background is seriously annoying which might be the worst thing about it. I usually like Elvis’s background singers but on this one they sound like… well, I can’t think of anything else that bad right now.)

Elvis recorded at least one whole album of Christmas songs but Blue Christmas is the only one you ever hear. Unless you go looking for them yourself. This is one of my favorites, even though I don’t entirely agree with the sentiment. If every day was like Christmas, Christmas would no longer be special. In fact, I think, in some ways, all the wrong ways, every day is like Christmas. Kids no longer have to wait for Christmas to get toys or special treats. Most kids get toys and treats throughout the year, often as bribes to “be good”. And we adults don’t wait to treat ourselves either.

But anyway… sorry for the rant. Here’s the song. I love the gentleness of it.

2 thoughts on “Better Than Blue

  1. Jeff

    The gospel tracks on that album are lovely, too. My grandmother, no fan of rock and roll otherwise, put on that album every Christmas. We were partial to “Peace in the Valley.”

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