4 thoughts on “R2D2

  1. Andrea Harris

    No no — that’s a Dalek. If you look a couple more sections down, you’ll see a representation of a Tardis. (Ref.: Doctor Who episode “Love and Monsters,” where they’re talking about the appearance of the Doctor throughout Earth’s history. Or was it that first of the new series, “Rose,” where the Doctor geek is showing them pictures he’s gathered on the internet of the Doctor? I can’t remember now. But obviously all we need is for Indiana Jones and the Doctor to have an episode together.)

  2. Lynn

    — “…all we need is for Indiana Jones and the Doctor to have an episode together.” —

    Couldn’t be any worse than the recent Stargate Atlantis/CSI fusion. (Sci-Fi Channel, Friday before last)

  3. Andrea Harris

    Dang, I missed that! Actually, a Doctor Who:CSI mashup is one of my fantasies. I mean, the Doctor’s face lit up so pathetically when he went into Rattigan’s lab in that episode with the Sontarans, I wonder what his reaction would be to Gil Grissom’s office, and the geeks and nerds on his team.

    Sometimes it occurs to me I have no life. Then I remember I don’t care.

  4. Lynn Post author

    It was pretty good. When I said “bad” I meant bad in a good way, sort of like those old ST:TOS episodes where they would be in these totally ridiculous situations, like the gangster planet for example, but it worked because it was Star Trek

    Bad science fiction is like bad pizza – even when it’s bad it’s still better than a lot of other things.

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