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World War II, simplified – You’ll have to zoom in. (via AMCGLTD)

Crazy crisps – Or, as we call ’em on this side of the pond, “chips.” (Actually, I like “crisps” too. Makes sense.) Anyway, the real reason I linked to this… Chili & Chocolate crisps!? I know everything goes better with chocolate but I can’t quite wrap my mind around that one.

Amazing Roads – some of the most beautiful photographs I’ve seen. Wow! (via Bifurcated Rivets)

Pecan Pi – I must remember to make something special for Pi Day.

Longnecks – a fun photo

Nathaniel Bowditch – An interesting and important person I hadn’t heard of before.

Spicy Chicken and Cabbage Stir Fry – hmmm

Reading room – Beautiful! That first photo is more or less what my private library will look like after I win the big one in Powerball. Maybe some different chairs. I’m not in love with the gold wingbacks.

Scary Science – Not recommended for luddites or other chronic worriers. Some nice science and science fiction art accompanies the end-of-the-world scenarios.

Wooden Orrery – Beautiful! I’ll have one in my library. (another one from Dark Roasted Blend)

History of Medicine exhibition – Some creepy and disturbing items, as you might expect, but also some surprisingly beautiful items like the feeding cup, the backrest and the medicine chests.

How to quit – How to delete accounts on Facebook and 22 other popular websites. (via Found By Pat)

Upcycling – If someone in Oklahoma did this it would be considered “tacky redneck trash” or, at best, maybe “quirky outsider art”.

Rock Threads – 70s fashion. I don’t care what anyone says… the stuff we wore back then is still way cooler than four-sizes-too-big pants sagging down around the hips exposing the wearer’s underwear.

Bad Paintings of Barack Obama – Some are bad but many are not all that bad and a few I would even call pretty good. An odd, poorly designed site. Keep clicking Refresh or Reload to see new images. Sometimes you’ll see one you’ve already seen before you’ve seen them all and often you’ll get a “Service temporarily unavailable” message. Just based on the filenames I’m guessing that there are at least 40 images, maybe more. (via In4mador!)

Butterfly “window” – beautiful, amazing work of art

15 Amazing Monasteries, Sanctuaries and Abbies – These are truly beautiful and even awe-inspiring.

More crazy flash drives – Yummy

Color Scheme Designer – A fun toy. Might be useful for generating ideas. (via Spiral Pocus)

The history of mapping Mars

Funniest (and strangest) newspaper articles and ads (via Neatorama)

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  1. Robert

    Bowditch is indeed an important but forgotten figure. Bowditch’s Navigator (as it is usually called) is familiar at least by reputation to most yacht owners.

    Another interesting historical figure who until about 15 years ago was rather forgotten was John Harrison, the inventor of the marine chronometer. He was the subject of a fine miniseries which was featured on A&E here in the US.

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