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I’ve had a blog for years and never felt I needed a comments policy but lately I’ve been thinking maybe I do need a comments policy just in case I ever get commenters. So here it is. It’s not so much a “policy” as my comments philosophy. I don’t like policies; they’re too inflexible.

So here’s the deal. Think of this blog as my front porch and behave accordingly. People in some parts of the country might have a problem with the porch concept so I guess I should explain. Out here in the middle of America people sit on their front porches and friends and neighbors often stop by to see what the owner of the porch has to say and to comment on what has been said. And, the important point, people are friendly, polite and respectful to both the owner and other visitors or else they get kicked off the porch and asked not to come back.

On the other hand, I’m pretty tolerant of other people’s opinions and even borderline bad behavior so please don’t let any of this intimidate you. Go ahead and tell me what’s on your mind. If you haven’t commented before your comment will be held for moderation.

And of course, I will not tolerate spam of any kind!

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