Hi, I’m Lynn, an aging housewife who still hasn’t decided what she wants to be when she grows up. I have a husband, two adult sons, a daughter-in-law, one grandson, one granddaughter, two cats, and a border collie. (No, they don’t all live with me; just the husband, #2 son, the cats, and the dog)

I like… Art, Albinoni, Neal Asher, Bach, Beethoven, books, Ben Bova, butterflies, birds, big words, bright colors, Blue Willow, cats, cake, cheeseburgers, tea and coffee cups, clouds, calm, Dvorak, Dune, daylilies, dandelions, diversity, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Dr. Pepper, eccentricity, Firefly, fabric, Haydn, history, Childe Hassam, honeybees, William Harnett, irises, Ice Cream, the Internet, impressionism, ladybugs, music, Mozart, marigolds, Myslivecek, China Mieville, Monét, Marcello, Mendelssohn, René Magritte, nature, Neal Stephenson, Niven and Pournelle, obscure and archaic words, old buildings, Palestrina, Arvo Pärt, pizza, pink, photography, Cherry Pepsi, hand quilting, quotes, quiet, roses, summer, science, science fiction, Star Trek, Saint-Saens, sewing, steampunk, surrealism, Shakespeare, tea, trees, trains, Tex-Mex, Yves Tanguy, unusual things, Vivaldi, Vernor Vinge, walking, wildflowers, yellow, zoos and many, many more.

email: strngwoodlndcreature[at]gmail.com
If you have my Yahoo Mail address you can use that one instead. It’s still my main address.